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TEXT : Issue 001 2103 / Takeki Sugiyama

Issue 001 2103 / Takeki Sugiyama


The opening month of the “theory of clouds blog” was so nice for me. It has been adding new audience and there are so many visitors here increasing day by day.  I mailed to some friends in FB and most of them replied me with cooperative writings. Most of them are the artists who I really met in Japan, Singapore, Cambodia and US during portfolio reviews and festivals. I knew their works very well. I really thank to them.

And I was so happy when I discovered mail from some artists really applied from the application form. I have never seen them in real.

I started this project to let Japanese artist to think their works in worldwide aspects and get into the market outside Japan. I knew that they really have good performance to create great works but less communication in small perspectives.

I have been thinking about creating review site for long.  There are so many famous photo portfolio review site in the world. I was aware of how they influence to photography society. So I was thinking to create strong one in Japan. I think this site will be the first portfolio reviewing site in Japan with A.Opened to the public / B.Selected by curator/gallery director / C.English based / D.Contains critique and review.

Here I would like to announce that this site will be opened to the public so anybody with great performance can join to the project. I need 15 – 20 images / max length 700 pixel / 72, statement, CV and URL of the artist’s home page.

I just care about images applied. I put very simple text by the artist with artist site URL. I do want the site very simple. This is because I just want people to get easily into portfolios. If people need more info, they might visit artist’s site.

In this issue, I would like to mention to the 3 artists works every month. These 3 artists will become the candidate of annual award which will be taking place from 2014. I also connect the site with Mt.ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL. I will invite the selected artists to EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER’S SLIDESHOW.

Let me introduce myself.

Please join to the society!



Takeki Sugiyama is Gallery Director of Gallery TANTO TEMPO and theory of clouds in Kobe, Japan. A photography collector since 2006, Takeki Sugiyama is dedicated to creating a photographic community with a strong emphasis on education and industry that can contribute and strengthen the Japanese culture. He opened the photography gallery, Gallery TANTO TEMPO in 2008, and theory of clouds gallery in 2011 in Kobe with his strong vision of fostering photography communication/art education through the strong photographic stories. He attends many photography festivals all around the world and this November 2013 he will produce the first photography festival at Mt. Rokko in Kobe.
He will offer the opportunities for photographers to take part to the group show or a solo show in Kobe and related galleries/events in Japan. Any kinds of photos are acceptable to be reviewed with strong aesthetics and social stories.


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