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ART : WEIGHING THE RAIN / Hans Gindlesberger

WEIGHING THE RAIN / Hans Gindlesberger

WeighingtheRain_Gindlesberger - 18

Weighing the Rain, photographed in Korea over the course of the monsoon season, evokes the weather phenomenon as a signifier of the social landscape of the country and the pressures exerted on the individual in its collective society.

The travelogue captures a sense of place by looking at the urban environment, natural landscape, and social exchanges. The photographs turn their attention to the confluence of past and present, the scale and density of the urban environment, people moving with the flow of the city, and poetic moments of everyday life that quietly suggest sentiments of desire, struggle, and tranquility. The project contemplates the complexity of Korea’s social landscape and searches for contradictions; in the impact of Korea’s rapid ascent as an economic force, the rigidity of social hierarchies and the intensity of their obligations, the relentless development of the urban environment, a need to preserve tradition, the immersion in materialistic culture, and the unique ideology of a collective society. It does so by using photography to offer not only a visual representation of the place, but also a physical understanding of its conditions.

Hans Gindlesberger


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