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ART : State of the Fair 2011 / Steven Lee

State of the Fair 2011 / Steven Lee

I first discovered this annual fair ground in 2010, close to where I live, and since, have made several visits to photograph it devoid of people. I find the whole idea of travelling fairs a novel idea and the lifestyle of the people who operate these rides fascinating. I also find the props, lighting, thematic motifs and designs incredibly surreal, and attempt to document these in the context of current social acceptance, of what is termed ‘family entertainment’, which is a universal concept throughout the fairs of the world.
The more I delve into these images, I sense a parallel ‘subconscious’ message that permeates these fairs, which represents more than mere entertainment, for the family. How we, the ‘modern society’ see as entertainment requires a sense of violence, fear and destruction to satisfy our thrill-seeking minds. Entertainment in today’s global societies go hand-in-hand with destruction and violence, as can be seen in so many mainstream movies, video games and television shows.
 Steven Lee

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