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ART : The Land of Gold / Daiki Usui

The Land of Gold / Daiki Usui

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When I go around visiting various places in Japan, I sometimes feel nostalgia when I see certain scenery which I have never seen before.

‘The Land of Gold’ series is built with photographs taken in rural areas in Japan. 70% of the land is covered with wood in Japan. So we had to clear the forest to create new land to live since very ancient times. Seeing rural areas in Japan, I can tell that many places have been carefully created by clearing of mountains, rivers, sea and the region’s natural features.

From ancient times, we, Japanese have been seeing homelands in nature and also in the lives of people. I think we feel nostalgic towards sceneries we have yet to see because we understand what would be present in those areas and know how the sceneries should be.

These are our primary images.

Daiki Usui


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