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ART : Quiet Delight / Coju Hemmi

Quiet Delight / Coju Hemmi


Traveling. After running the car for hundreds of kilos, the “Farthest Scene” is reached.

The silence where a yelp will be drown out immediately. Even if there is somebody, they leave after a chat with whisper. There is a thick cloud, a blowing wind, and the smell of the soil. Why am I fascinated by the “Farthest Scene” this much?


The reason why Scotland captures my heart is because this “Farthest Scene” exists.

There is this flow of time, maturing the whisky over the years.

I lose my words when I face this great scenery.

A modest feeling of “Isn’t humans such a small beings?” comes.

And then, that enters the deep deep inner part of the heart.


I add transformations to the submodality, the components used by people to recognize the five senses, using photography.

By dropping the submodality, the feelings of men stops and heads toward the inner part of the heart.

Still, the place to stay is not the “bottom”. It is slightly above that. Using music as an example “It is the volume of listening to Miles Davis’s『Blue in Green』before going to sleep in the bedroom”

And when settle to that place, the journey of the heart begins. The “Farthest Scene” spreads in my heart.

People will think, “I want to keep on wondering forever, here”

Then, the feeling of that comfort will soon turn into a “Quiet Delight”

Coju Hemmi

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