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ART : About A View / Hideki Kamauchi

About A View / Hideki Kamauchi


About A view

From the point of view of the principles of light, an image becomes visible only when the light, which is emitted by a light source and is reflected by an object in every direction, comes accidentally straight towards us.

We could say that a view is nothing but such a simple phenomenon and, still, that there is so much that is out of our reach behind such phenomenon.

What I try to do is to reflect about the fraction of light, which has accidentally reached us, and the vast majority of it, which has eluded our watch and has remained behind.

When something is presented to me, I cut it down into frames.

It is as if I were “capturing” that thing. However, the light that has not reached the captor (the photographer) stares back at him from every direction.

I cannot avoid thinking that it is pompous to think I am actually “capturing” something. Every view is no more than a “glimpse”.

I will sense every direction that will not be photographed while pushing the shutter release button.

“A view” does not exist before someone looks at it; it does appear because I am there. In a word, it is the result of the complicity between the world and me.

Hideki Kamauchi

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