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ART : My Recollections / Mitsu Maeda

My Recollections / Mitsu Maeda


This is an ongoing series of photographs of my grandmother, Tsuyajyo, who has been living with dementia about 5 years, and people around her especially my mother.

My mother had taken care of her at home for 3 years, until Tsuyajyo joined the care home 2 years ago. There were difficulties my mother faced physically and mentally, as it was hard to truly ‘understand’ and ‘accept’ that dimentia is a disease especially when our close one started to have symptoms of it.

After my mother passed a lot of parts of her responsibilities to the care wokers, she goes to see Tsuyajyo everyday to share some time together. We have been family and this fact have been fundamental to our existances, but the relationships between us keep changing. I wish to continue photographing how we are “being family”.

Mitsu Maeda

Mitsu Maeda Photography

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