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ART : Japanese Girl / Chie Murakami

Japanese Girl / Chie Murakami


Japanese Girl

In front of the camera, the children play, laugh, become uneasy, cry, or even become angry. What remains after spending such time with them is a collection of memories, like a necklace consisting of priceless gems Seeing their fragility, immaturity, and lack of independence, I perhaps wanted to give them a little something to depend on. By wearing adult garments, the girls attitudes are emphasized, showing elegance and stylishness, almost like modern ladies.” Their makeup purposely takes away their childishness.
“When I feel the moment” said Chie Murakami, “the girls’ eyes eventually start shining mystically”. Proud to be in these attitudes and roles of women, the girls reveal themselves charming, shy and
captivating. When the mystique fades away, the girls become themselves again, recapturing their innocence.

In this project photo”Japanese Girl” , up to 3 years old – 11 years old was taken in Japan. A part of this project was exhibited by NYPH and Sous Les Etoiles Gallery NY in 2011 and 1839 garally Taipei this year.

Chie Murakami

Chie Murakami

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