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ART : BURNING CHROME / Norihisa Hosaka

BURNING CHROME / Norihisa Hosaka

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Norihisa Hosaka’s BURNIG CHROME finds its title’s origin in William Gibson’s short story “Burning Chrome” published in 1982. It is an imaginary story of near-future world introducing “cyberspace” and it brings the story a comic taste and a fantasy.

BURNIG CHROME is created using digital photography with high dynamic range imaging (HDR) technique. He usually takes 7-9 images in the same scenery, then stack them into one special output by digital image editing. The technique put images wider dynamic range and most of the time, images get pictorial. You may see very strong contrast in an image and also ghostly silhouette of crowd.

Tokyo. The most huge megalopolis in the world usually show very brilliant lights in the night time. It sometimes seems illusory and people from outside Japan would be amazed when he walk along downtown or when he climb to the top of the skyscraper in the middle of the city. The scenery will never disappear from his mind. Near-future was always beside here in Tokyo.

BURNING CHROME is the story of Tokyo, and the story is written by Norihisa Hosaka. Norihisa Hosaka’s works have been exhibited in Japan and many of the place within the United States and are collected in both countries. He won the Grand Prix prize of Esquire Japan Digital Photograph Awards ’07/ ’08 and Photolucida selected his work for their Critical Mass Top 50 in 2010. BURNING CHROME was featured in Fraction Magazine Japan in 2010, selected for top 50 in Review Santa Fe 2011 and first photo book “BURNING CHROME” was published in November 2011.

Artist is represented by Gallery TANTO TEMPO, Kobe JAPAN.

Norihisa Hosaka was born in Tokyo in 1968 and currently reside and working in Tokyo.


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