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ART : Into The Silent Land / Hirohito Nomoto

Into The Silent Land / Hirohito Nomoto


I have been working on documentary photography for over 15 years. I stick to
“recording” which is the most primitive function of photography and I tend to
concentrate on how the photograph will reflect the subject or scene selected.
However, one thing I found whilst working is that the photograph is not always
an objective reflection of circumstances.

To choose the subject, then the lens and the perfect timing, there are several
subjective phases that the photographer goes through until the completion of its work.

The viewer interprets the image assimilating it to their experience and memories,
however the image they are seeing might not be a complete reflection of what was
shot owing to the photographers shooting techniques.

Additionally, I have to say that the recent rise in digital photography is forever turning
photography into a more ambiguous media, moving away from the skilled operation
of capturing images, making this recorded evidence perhaps a little unreliable.

On the other hand, I can also say that photography is becoming freer from the
restrictions of the truth. I have created works and have a strong interest in the media
which has freedom and ambiguity.

Hirohito Nomoto

Hirohito Nomoto Photography

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